Traditional Indian Wedding – Huntsville AL Wedding Photographer

Among the 200+ weddings I have photographed, this wedding will remain one of the most gorgeous, fun and interesting ones. The mixture of cultures (Nesha, the bride, is Indian and Sebastian, the groom, is German), the colors and smells, the traditional dances and outfits, all of that and more made this wedding truly unforgettable.

Before I moved to Huntsville, AL, I lived in Charleston, WV for 8 years. This wedding happened there. It consisted of 3 days (plus 1 more day for traditional Henna application) and started at one of my favorite Charleston venues, JQ Dickinson Saltworks.

Day 2 was completely different and took place on the rooftop of Charleston Marriott Town Center. This evening was filled with bright colors, traditional dances and delicious Indian cusine.

It was time for a 3rd and final day! The ceremony took place in the morning hours and was followed by stunning reception at Charleston Marriott Town Center in the evening. Nesha not only changed her gown throughout the day, but had completely new look, including make-up and hair. Everything from florals to the dance floor looked elegant and beautiful. What an unforgettable day!

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