Jenny Reese Photography | About

Wedding and Family Photographer in Charleston, WV and West Virginia region.

Hi! Welcome to Jenny Reese Photography(previously Pieces by Reeses Photography). I am Ievgeniia, or as everybody calls me here, Jenny. I was born and raised in Ukraine, and moved to United States when I was 23. After living in volunteer state of Tennessee for 5 years, I have moved to Charleston, West Virginia in 2015. 


"The most important things in life aren't things". Whoever said that deserves a high five, or a medal, or some sort of recognition, because he is 100% right. I grew up wrapped around in love and friendship. Our home has always been full of people, friends, and the smell of hot tea with raw honey and bacon. My kitchen has seen more laughs and tears, that any soap opera ever existed. We had slipovers and parties, movie nights and camping trips. And lots and lots of Ukrainian borscht. I was taught to appreciate the most important, and to this day, I do.


I have an amazing husband and daughter. I have a crazy dog, who is the sweetest and the most hyper puppy you'll ever meet. And I have love, that surrounds me everywhere I go. I love going places and learning new things, and history, and geography. I love a a rainy day with a good mystery and a hot cup of earl grey tea. I love a glass of red wine with a good meal, surrounded by my friends and family. And most importantly I love to get up every morning to smile at my husband and to kiss my daughters cheeks (because they are possibly the cutest cheeks on the planet!). I love life, and I live it fully.


I love my camera. Its not just a piece of plastic, metal and glass. It is a tool to freeze that most important. That memory. 


I love my job. And I hope it shows!