Molly and Dan - Charleston WV Wedding Photography

September 06, 2017  •  1 Comment

I am so excited to share this gorgeous session from all the way up in SC! Molly and Dan live in Murfreesboro, TN and after lots of communicating we have decided, that it would be fun to shoot their engagements in SC area. And what an amazing idea that was!

We have decided to split our session in two parts and started with Old Sheldon Ruins (huge thank you to the The Parish Church of St. Helena for giving us permission for the session) and The beach of Hunting Island. The rain circled around us the whole time, I got attacked by fire ants and had like 30 bite marks on my feet (to ants defense, I did step right into their home) and it was very humid. But despite all of that, the session turned out absolutely incredible and marks to be one of my favorites to the date. In addition to photographing Molly and Daniel, sweet little baby Jack joined us for a few portraits and did so well! 

Without further due, please enjoy this gorgeous session!


These are so stunning, Jenny! What a gorgeous, playful shoot! I'm all about those beach shots with piles of tree limbs — love love!!
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